Tuesday, August 23, 2011

#1.Beef Broccoli with Steamed Corn and Tofu

My day starts with  preparing breakfast and a lunchbox for my hubby. It's such a hectic morning and i have to make 2 meals in under 45 min. How do I manage it? I prepare the ingredients the night before and cook in the morning. If it takes longer to cook, I cook it at night and refrigerate.

The common problem with making a lunch box is finding what food to pack. You want something that tastes better even cold if u don't have a microwave at work. Don't pack something too oily because it  will make the food mushy.

You might wonder what else you can pack besides fried stuff and rice. Well there are plenty. I make sure that my lunchbox consists of CARB, PROTEIN, and FIBER. Today I packed rice, beef sauteed in oyster sauce, steamed corn and broccoli, steamed tofu in my special sauce, and an apple. Why didn't I just saute the broccoli with the beef as meant to be? Because broccoli absorbs liquid  which is also why its better to steam it than to blanch it.

The components in your lunchbox should be at room temp when packing. This will reduce the risk of spoiling the food or retaining too much moist when your lunchbox sweats from the hot food inside. You should also pack it tightly. Use veggies like broccoli, carrots, and cucumbers as fillers. Also, use a foil to separate when a dish is too moist. I used to make a well groomed bento but with 2 meals under 45 min. i just can't bother making a theme out of lunch. Hey, it's not like he's a kid.

Making lunchbox maybe tedious but in the long run it's cheaper, Healthier and more convenient.

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