Thursday, October 6, 2011

#11. Spam Lunchbox

I had leftover spam from making Budae Chigae (부대찌개) last night so I just used it up for my hubby's lunchbox. This is my "almost-empty-fridge-lunchbox". One of the things I like about making side dishes is that when the lazy morning comes, or you open your eyes to an empty fridge, you can still put together a decent meal.
I usually prepare side dishes on sundays or monday afternoons. They last the whole week. As long as you keep them well. I try to make 2 vegetable side dishes (besides veg salad), and 3 proteins. Here, we have spam, Soybean Sprouts , Quail eggs in soy sauce, Stir-fried Fishcake, Kimchi, tomato, and grapes. The rice is packed separately.

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