Thursday, October 6, 2011

#10. Yangnyeom Chicken Lunchbox

Yang nyeom chicken is simply fried chicken in sweet and spicy sauce. I usually stock up on chicken because it's easy to prepare and you could make many variations. Frying chicken at home isnt something i look forward to but in small quantities where i can use a skillet, it's ok.

The trick to a crunchy and well cooked chicken is to fry it twice. Its true that this takes time to prepare so I do the frying at night. I mix the sauce ahead of time too. Then in the morning, I'll heat the sauce and mix in the chicken. It heats up the chicken but not too hot that it'll take time to cool before packing.

In this lunchbox are yang nyeom chicken, greek salad with grapes, macaroni salad, and rice.

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